Motivational and self-improvement materials from a few years ago can be outdated by new understanding. Some material from the past may be exciting, but today is incorrect or at least flawed. Use motivational concepts from the Stone Age at your own risk.

You may continually seek information that you can convert into your own knowledge and apply it to improve your life, your relationships, your business or organization, and other areas. Some may require a shift in your thinking. Some may require knowledge that you didn’t have a few years ago, or that was unavailable.

Old facts such as “the world is flat” were proved incorrect by explorers. Scientific explorers have proven more recent assumptions wrong, such as the concept that memory is formed at the genetic level. How we physically operate our minds impacts how we think, which impacts our ability to set, understand, and use our motivation to achieve our goals.

Recent research in how the brain operates has opened new horizons on the mind and on our motivation. Besides basics on the operation of the brain, the research has uncovered emerging concepts on how different material affects the brain: chemicals, neurotransmitters, and more.

Understanding the interaction between the brain and it’s environment continues to feed the ability of all of us to understand how we think. And additional social research continues to show that how we interact with others helps us in moving towards our own goals, and also in our state of mind as we move forward along the “road of life”.

There are theories as to why our inner world works the way it does, and how we leverage our motivation. And there can be ways you can map this to your own methods and motivation.