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Happy New Year! Perhaps this expression (in any language) is one of the most motivating phrases.  It usually brings a sense of beginning, optimism for the future, and giving from the person saying it to the person listening.

With the new year comes our Motivatio newsletter.  It provides motivational content: tips, news, updates, and more.   And the first subscribers will get a free copy of the upcoming Motivational Ebook before it is released. Subscribe at this link, or use the form below:

There are many ways we find motivation.  These can be listed and organized – categorized – by type.  The analysis can shed insight into how people are motivated, and what their internal drivers are.

But this type of analysis has not been done much prior to the work on the new website.  It’s set up in conjunction with the website, to help people like you understand more about types of motivation and business activities.